Better Metafields

Metafields on Shopify made simple.

Better Metafields - Shopify app

Sometimes you just need to be able to add a little bit of additional data. Better Metafields makes it quick and easy to add that extra data to just the right items. For no cost at all you've got nothing to loss.

Metafields should be simple, easy and not to mention free and we believe that's what we've achieved with Better Metafields.


  • Schema

    Prevent those pesky human errors, Create a schema for your product managers or coworkers to adhere to. Your schema will allow you to specify the type of data that can be added. From lists to images, there is no limit to what you can add!
  • Filters

    Sometimes you just need to add extra data to a few items. From the search on Edit Metafields, you can create extremely versatile filters to quickly gather and find specific sets of items.
  • Price

    Best of all Better metafields is completely free to setup and has zero on going fees. Use it the way you want forever
  • Supported

    We have a great vision for Better Metafields and are committed to expanding and supporting the product. We also know that we can not think of all your businesses needs, so please get in contact with us with your requirements and we will endeavor to assist you in growing your business.
    Better Metafields is fully documented in all aspects of the system. You can access the documentation at



free forever

  • No Cost!
  • Unlimited Schema size
  • Unlimited Metafields
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