After adopting the use of IntelliPrint to manage their order workflow, the staff at Esther Boutique have experienced an increase in throughput speed of up to three times! Previously an alternative piece of software was used to manage the same process, with less efficiency and a smaller toolset.

To release a batch of 50 orders it use to take us up to 15 minutes in total to select every individual order,  group them into 50, select the template required which was the picking slips, packing slips and invoices and then wait for it to print.

But with IntelliPrint, as soon as an orders placed it is then allocated into a batch, then it automatically closes off once it reaches 50 orders.  You then select the batch you want to release and press print, It prints out invoices, picking slips and packing slips all in the one go.  This process now only takes up to only 5 minutes.  We're releasing at least 6+ batches a day, so to save 10 minutes per batch has helped us better manage our workload and  improve our processes in the dispatch department.

- Mara

Esther boutique has also acknowledged the outstanding support service provided by Intelliscale, as well as the system's ease-of-use.

What IntelliPrint Has Done For Esther

  • Speed Increase

    IntelliPrint increased the speed at which online orders could be processed.

  • Better Time Managment

    Saving time means that it can be spent better in other places.

  • Reduced Errors

    IntelliPrint reduced human errors present in a more manual approach.